Helping you to unlock your fullest potential

My background

Upon graduating from the prestigious Beijing Foreign Studies University in China, I embarked on a career as a TV presenter for an English Education Channel. However, after six months, I realised that this path wasn’t really aligned with my true aspirations. Determined to pursue my own business venture, I made the bold decision to resign from this coveted "golden job." This personal experience served as a powerful example of the importance of discovering your true passion and taking decisive action to pursue it wholeheartedly.  

My journey began with launching a startup in the training and consulting industry in China. This was when Cross Borders Consulting Beijing was first established. We provided language and soft skill training to professionals in the bustling business districts, we also provided consultation to international organisations on how to run their businesses in the local market. Notably, we delivered training services to prestigious entities such as BMW China, Reuters, BBC and the British Embassy. After establishing a strong presence, I successfully expanded from a single location to three, eventually exiting through selling to a competitor. 

At the age of 29, I undertook the challenge of building and managing a large corporate entertainment company in central Beijing, overseeing a team of over 400 employees. The company achieved impressive daily revenue, exceeding half a million pounds. Additionally, I took on the responsibility of managing a family fund focused on real estate investment, as well as managing a thriving Chinese tea business that continues to operate successfully in China.  

Upon my arrival in London, I founded Cross Borders Consulting in the UK, offering a comprehensive range of services including training, coaching, and advisory. Our primary focus is assisting Western companies and leaders in expanding their businesses within the Greater China region.

Why coaching is so important to me

I am an immigrant from Asia to the Western world, my family and I relocated to England when my daughter was only two years old. I was excited about the prospects of a life in the UK, but I found the experience of adjusting to a new culture rather overwhelming. I had to get accustomed to different accents, navigate social systems, and complete endless administrative processes. I was also experiencing a personal loss, so it was no surprise that my confidence levels were low. However, through the invaluable support and guidance of a professional coach, I managed to conquer my own inner opponent and build a strong mindset to help me manage change more effectively.

Why you should work with me

I have a firm belief in the energy of the universe that brings people together, and I am on a spiritual journey in search of soulmates. Engaging with a coach goes beyond simply uncovering your goals and mapping out your career path; it involves being truly heard and understood, delving deep into your essence and unlocking your fullest potential. However, it's important to note that as a coach, my role is not to provide you with ready-made action plans. Instead, my role is to ignite the actions that align with your unique journey.

The benefits of coaching with me

I can relate to your experiences and challenges because I've been through them myself. With my extensive business background, I possess a deep understanding of the complexities that arise in cross-cultural situations. I have witnessed and personally experienced these challenges, which has instilled in me a sense of compassion and empathy towards others and wishing to help people facing similar circumstances.  

Let me help you believe in yourself

My passions in life

My passion for the Chinese tea ceremony  

Every morning to embrace the day, I find solace in the warmth of my cup of Chinese tea. To me, the tea ceremony is a form of meditation, a harmonious connection with nature. I was fortunate to learn this sacred art from a renowned Daoism practitioner in China. Drawing inspiration from the five elements of the universe, she guided me through the graceful Taiji movements, symbolising the flow of water into the teapot. With gratitude, focus, and synchronised breath, each pour of tea into the tea cup carries a profound impact. You will be amazed by the transformation it brings.  

But why gratitude? Imagine the remarkable journey the tea undertakes before gracing your teapot. From a tiny seed, breaking through the earth's embrace, enduring storms and basking under the sun's warmth, it is carefully picked, dried, and transported to you. It possesses a life force that dances in the water as you pour, infusing the surroundings with its delightful fragrance and energising essence.  

My passion for tennis 

I am a passionate recreational tennis player. My love for tennis was sparked just before the onset of Covid, and since then, I have wholeheartedly dedicated myself to learning and practicing this wonderful sport. Interestingly, I had never touched a tennis racket during my time in China. Over the past four years, I have immersed myself intensively, honing my skills and reaching a respectable level. I proudly represent the Harbour Club Chelsea in London in competitive matches against other clubs within the LTA Middlesex league.   

It's not just me who has fallen in love with the game; my nine-year-old daughter is also following her dream of becoming a professional player. On a typical British cold and sunny weekend, we spend hours together experiencing the highs and lows of the losses and wins of matches as she progresses through her tournaments. But her development and the inevitable emotions that go with it are great for building her resilience.    

Many people ask me how I managed to progress so quickly and reach a level that typically takes years of training. My answer is simple: passion. When you have genuine passion for something, every endeavour becomes easier. I call it my “sport meditation” as I feel completely connected with myself. There is a book that I can highly recommend to you as it has greatly influenced my approach to tennis, it’s called "The Inner Game of Tennis" by W. Timothy Gallwey. The author delves into the psychological aspects of the sport and offers valuable insights for players at all levels.