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Dr Nicola Maciocia



I have been incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to undertake career coaching with Jojo Qiao through CRUK in my position as an NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Haematology. As I transition from one stage of my academic and clinical career to the next, Jojo has been helping me to clearly define my career objectives and identify and overcome any obstacles to achieving those. She was able to quickly understand my situation including the challenges I face balancing my career with the demands of my young family. I cannot recommend Jojo highly enough for anyone looking for a coach.

Sophie Zhang,


Head of HR

I want to express my enthusiastic endorsement of your company's training and coaching services. Having experienced your programs firsthand, I am confident in their ability to drive significant growth and development in individuals and organisations alike. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge, or to improve the performance of their organisation.

Nathalie Bernadotte



What really impressed me during our time working together is that Jojo understands how one’s personal life and being has an effect on their business lives and paths and therefore took the time to dig deeper in the person I am to understand if my current position was aligned with my inner values. The path I chose to take was one I hadn't had the courage to embark for some time, she made that decision possible by bringing out the most important thing for me, my true value and believing in myself.

Sophie Capaldi


Creative Director

I love working with my Chinese colleagues! They are super creative, inspiring, and full of energy. At the same time, I had quite a lot of challenges in my team. Jojo stepped in and listened to our conversations and observed all the discussions in our meetings. She was so effective at pulling our team together and setting goals for us. We definitely could not have achieved what we did without a coach like Jojo.

Rebecca Zhou


ex HR Manager

I have been working with Jojo for a few years. I highly recommend her as an Executive Coach for your team. We know we can rely on her and if we give her a brief, she will dig deeply with every single team member to discover their issues and produce solutions for them as well as for the team! Her unique background allows her to communicate with our Chinese staff extremely easily, but she also works seamlessly with our German colleagues. Finally, she is very professional in terms of updating us with her coaching plans, progress and results. I highly recommended her to be one of your main problem solvers




Jojo is a good listener - she understands what I am saying and is happy to let me talk through issues, concerns and objectives without being overly didactic about it. She summarises well and seems to understand my specific set of circumstances well. I am so happy to have met Jojo and I am more than willing to recommend her to anyone else who is seeking to bring a bit of clarity to their lives.

Vivien Wei


Senior Associate

At the beginning of the session, we discussed very clearly what we wanted to achieve (i.e. being promoted as a Senior Associate in the next 12 months) and arranged the time of the session sensibly. Jojo helped me to envision a timetable of achieving various milestones and also some techniques for how to view various issues from a different perspective. Overall, Jojo is very professional and very easy to work with!



Jojo helped me to figure out where my career will be! Having been worked for Bosch for more than 20 years, I felt like I needed to have a change in my career. Therefore, we mapped out what my perfect day would be and the answer appeared so clearly! Thanks for you all your inspired questions and the method you used to allow me to understand what my real passions are.

Jeff B



Jojo is well equipped to help executives and legal professionals to succeed in a cross cultural environment. She is fluent in English and Chinese and she understands western and Chinese culture. Her advice, based on knowing cultural issues, cuts through the clutter that we all carry that holds us back from peak performance. She was one of our best decisions when we were trying to blend different approaches so that all of our people could start rowing the boat in the same direction. I highly recommend using her, particularly in professional service firms!

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